Why travel with Focus Safaris Africa cc?

We offer, Tours & Safaris, Meet and Greet, Tailor Made Tours, Airport Shuttles, Chauffeur / Driver Services, Activity Bookings .


  • Focus Safaris Africa cc team is African born and bred. With an excellent knowledge of Southern Africa.
  • Your request will be answered by our efficient staff promptly.
  • For any enquiries, we have got well trained linguist in English and French.
  • We value ourselves in excellent service at all times.
  • We operate with all types of travellers, young groups, older groups, individual travellers, educational programmes, offering reasonable prices.
  • We guarantee all our departures once your booking is confirmed in writing with us.
  • * We communicate with our clients at all times before departure to ensure excellent services upon arrival.
  • Our guides are friendly, knowledgeable and most important of all have a passion for Africa and its people.
  • * All guides undergo comprehensive training courses that include not only all aspects of wildlife and nature guiding, as well as the finer details like preparing campfire meals and general safari etiquette.
  • * We have camp assistants, who help assist in the building and breakdown of the camp.
  • Our Safaris and Tours are a real African Experience.
  • Our varying itineraries not only combine the important elements of scenic, culture and wildlife experience, but also a taste of adventure and in some instances pure adrenaline.
  • So, whether it is tracking game on foot, the thrill of jumping off the rift or rafting one of Africans wildest rivers, we have the right combinations to make your African safari an unforgettable experience.




Theresa Bock

General Manager and Founder

Theresa is the over all General Manager and founder of the company. She has 18 years of Tourism related experience both as guide as well as in office. Her duties include tour consultation, which is making quotations, road books as well as client liaisons, she also goes out on tours should the need arise, She speak French and English. She also deals with guide allocations.

Mrs Liza Hoaes

Tour Consultants and Accounts

Liza is responsible for fast and reliable replies for quotations, as well as dealing with Accounts. She has 5 years’ experience in dealing with client request, bookings and accounts. Mrs Liza Speaks fluent Portuguese, French and English.

Mr Ndile Akane

Tour Guide

Ndile is the companies Tour guide, he is responsible for Airport Meet & Greets as well as tours to Southern Africa., he does Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Cape Town. He is born Congolese, but has Namibian residence. He speaks French and English.

Mr Elias Kahuadi

Tour Guide

Elias has been working in the tourism industry as a guide for 25 years. He has uncountable experience in the industry from Camping tours, educational tours, special request tours and many more. He does tours to all southern Africa. He speaks English, (busy learning German as an additional Language)

OUR vehicles

The company uses rental vehicles at the current moment until further notice. 
Below are amongst other, the type of rental vehicle we use.


6-10 pax 4×4 off road landcruiser converted or similar vehicle, with air conditioning and luggage compartment. For camping tours and extra luggage, an off road trailer is attached

4×4 GWM suitable for 4 client, has enough space for luggage as well as air condition and  suitable for trailer. This vehicle is mainly used for inner city, tours and meet and greets as well as for short tours


6-10 pax 4×4 off road landcruiser converted or similar vehicle, with air conditioning and luggage compartment. For camping tours and extra luggage, an off road trailer is attached

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